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Undina was originally created in the name of my deep love and connection to the water element, of any kind.

Of course the oceans, better saying the sea’s, are my favorite of all. Half a lady half a fish i feel from time to time. This is the part of me that i call Undina - a water nymph, a mermaid.

I LOVE showers and bath tubs, indoors and even more outdoors.. I love to find a good spring on my ways providing clean mineral water directly from the source. I like even regular tap water, running through my arms and calves in hot summer times. (This actually calms down the nervous system and rejuvenates you to keep up freshly with your day). I love waterfalls and I mainly like to watch rivers and lakes, or maybe travel them by a Kanu or a boat..

Im addicted to drinking water Now already in recover :) :) :) I mean really, drinking water is a holy thing, imagine we are water, and if diving into the molecular consistency it is literally pure information flowing in, through and out of us. So I bless my water. I believe water molecules form within 40-45 min into a new order, and if you wisely choose to spell your intention into it - well there you get a cup of good holy water - designed especially for you. Down to earth, i let my water ‘sit’ in a nice glass bottle / jar / flask before I drink it - just like our grandmothers used to do (at least in my culture). Or if you have ever heard about one of Ho’oponopono’s cleansing techniques - The Blue Water Bottle; then you might just try: - Find a blue glass bottle and fill it with tap water.

- Place it in the sun.

- Put your intention. Drink it.

In case of sickness, illness, injury - drink the whole bottle and get back to basics.

So water. Yeah, it ,makes me feel belonged. It makes me feel alive, indulged with life. Especially swimming in the open seas, naked as a child. just me and a pair of swimming glasses so I can see good, and a heat keeping hat in case its getting cold. I love the world underneath the water, so clear, so clean.. the shades underneath the sunlight beam. I used to swim in a pool, back and forth back and forth. I developed a nice style over time. There is a special beauty to feeling the living waters in a totally free style mode. Half a whale half a dolphin, some twists and spins, much much breathing, redemption for longer times.. and the views, wow, the visuals under water, in motion - are taking me to a different dimension. Ive never met a better high.

If you are lucky to have lots of fishes around - and lets hope you do, as all this happiness is accessible in clean waters only. Fishes are such creatures, i call them dancers in the air, I also feel like this at times, waters give the possibility to fly….

Water supports us just as the ground, as long as we keep interacting with it and moving around. Water by definition brings flow into my life, makes me more flexible, fluid, soft and silky like.. PHOTOS by THE MAN

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