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Love, Harmony & Beauty - A Real Libra

Updated: May 16

Ill start with Love.. what a topic, so many books have been written, billions of songs, movies and theatre shows. How many hearts have been broken (i like saying cracked, and i say it from my own experience, a heartbreak, is equivalently a heart opener), how many flourished and ones who have been deceived.

How many of us understand the true power of love, being it the most outstanding power to heal us all?

For us Libras, an air sign, ruled by the planet Venus, the god of love & beauty - Love is the essence of all. Our greatest ambition is to be loved and to be giving that love in return.

Librans are artistic, gullible, but very peaceful. LOVERS of LOVE Spend money where freely Lovers of all the most beautiful things that the world has to offer But Love is our most important goal Because of the planet Venus We Must and Will have this LOVE

True love is not easy to be found, it cannot be found as it is actually nowhere out there.. True love can only be created, transcendent through the below and the above, us being the connector and channel on its way. When love flows through our veins, we feel compassionated, calm and relaxed, joyful and positive, carefree and satisfied, whole and full-filled. We like to give to others, we care to share our bliss-fullness with the world. Love can wear also sadness or sorrow when it hits the walls of fear, guilt or shame. From time to time comparison, criticism and jealousy are inevitably coming to knock on loves door..

True love knows the essence, and it is not confused my the illusion of the mind.

True love asks for time to be fully involved with an ongoing learning and practice of how to hold space to learn to know each other, patience and will to come to a mutual understanding, a self discipline where miscommunication, human mistakes, the struggle and the dark side of the self, the needed amount of air, ground, support, kindness and gentle approach.

True love needs to know by any terms, these values shall be sustained. When times of separation, may it be a physical one, come to fruit, true love knows to detach itself from the comfort and the known, from the ego and its opinions of whats wrong and whats right. She always knows when it is time to give a courageous act of trust, and let things go.. Sometimes we go for good, sometimes its for a time of culmination, realization, that time&space where we see what we couldn't as long as we didn't stand apart. In real sense for the amount of perspective one should gain, that might be an hour, a decade or a lifetime of goodbye. True love is navigated by a natural law, there is no obeying to what should or is accepted by the societies eye. Therefore true love is eternal, it has no beginning and no end. The ones of us, who are lucky to come in touch with their venus & mars, we are simply temporary travelers on the unceasing train of love, sometimes we're on it, sometimes we're off. Regardless of whom we are sharing the energy of love with, may it be a dog, a flower, a husband or a daughter, a good friend, a neigbour, the cashier in the bank, the stones upon the shore and the glance of the water, a beloved activity, a motorcycle or a kind of art, a memory, a smell, a living being or a piece of cloth - may it be an aware act of love, a full removal of the self, its needs or interests, it likes or dislikes, its action and reactions, its pain, anger or suffering.

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