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Self Image - A tricky friend

I want to know 1 person who does not have any self image issues whatsoever :) Im a kid of the 90's, bootylicious Beyonce, sexy Shakira, genie in a bottle Christina and yes sweaty Britney on the floor- were all a part of what influenced the image i got as a child for both attractiveness and female beauty. I believe our self image has to do with our self esteem / value as well as with our perspective overall. Our perspective overall is always in communication with the societies eye, the changing fashion, our inner voice and the current moment surrounding us. Somewhere around the age of becoming a teenager i started loosing a lot of weight, for a combination of reasons - some were healthier, some not. I always enjoyed being light and airy (the Vatta in me).. and yet a healthy border was surely crossed - and for several years ahead it was going worse and worse.. Studying my super heavy double degree for long 4 and a half years, stressing for a variety of different reasons - which nowadays look like totally nonsense and surly - the inner chase to be - perfect - is indeed a super tricky fellow sitting on your shoulder - jumping from supportive ambition to rock this life to a self sabotaging - disturbing state of mind. It takes time to find the best fitting applications for our unique experience of vibrant and healthy living. Life shows me it is always under exploration along the shifting balances of our day to day life components.

Being almost 10 years down the path of what feels as a life time journey through acknowledging myself in all means and I guess the road is yet long..

I can now look back and notice -

The strongest theme around which I gained the realization that a deep illusion of sight is standing between myself and what / how reality really is - was how at times I get a super twisted self image regarding some aspects.

Why twisted? And twisted in relation to what alignment? These are all philosophical questions and one can endlessly debate them :)

As we’re all unique each one has its freedom to choose, and I can truly respect each one’s expression of being - some are just less my cup of tea and that’s fine.

My challenge was to see how naturally perfect I am

Not needing to be skinnier or anything of this sort

Dropping the suffocating trial to fit a certain fashion rather finding my own best fit..

And yes i am surely up for working out and eating healthy and this is another big expression of self love - its all a question of a good taste and the amount of acceptance one has for the natural properties one was given.

I chose the path of sticking with the natural components of existence exactly for this reason. And yes, as much as I can allow whilst still being involved in the modern & more innovative components, always trying to keep that golden mid-line and find what works best for me..

Something about being amidst the forests, the trees, the birds and the oceans makes me feel the love, all around - as within me so through me and into it all. And this is my healer.

Love in one way means being in connection - including with our bodies, energetically / emotionally / physically.

So many other expressions of love but that’s not the point for now.

I feel nowadays how easy it becomes to love myself in means of not trying to change some things that are naturally me - thanks to being able to see their unique beauty and wholeness.

To treat all parts of my ‘body’ with kindness and respect - I’m sure I’ll discover even better ways and new perspectives.

This place was always a shelter to write down a message to the world

And I’m sure many young women & men could in some way - relate with any kind of self image issue.

Let yourself be

And stick to what makes you feel good

One has to discover what these things are and most importantly - how to manage or what to do when an inner critical talk is arising..

I truly find it is the most worthwhile research any of us can do :)

I’m inspired by some new projects coming up

All about loving myself

All about having a sweet balance between all that excites me and is now involved in my dreams, ambitions and desires.

Treat yourself as you would do with your most beloved ones

Invest in this intention

It brings great fruits 🍑🍓🍒

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