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Natural Hand Picked Sea-Salt
Hello dear reader, i want to share with you one of few beloved activities of mine, which allow me to connect deeper with the natural world and mother Gaia.

I collect rock salt directly from the shallow waters along rocky shores at south west Crete island, Greece.
The journey through nature, the process of extracting, the beauty and the taste of the salt, together with the satisfaction of collecting your own needs makes it worthy. 
Feel the eco system, nurture it and enjoy the gifts.

Fleur De Sel by Undina is a special boutique collection no machinery involved production.
An upper layer of salt flakes is manually and carefully gathered up as it is floating on the surface of ocean water - then its being dried and looked through for unwanted visitors.

For eating purposes:
Fleur De sel
is known to be the finest of all table salts.

It carries the freshness of the ocean and is crystal white and crunchy. 
Best used as a final garnish over fresh cooked meal.

For internal purification of the digestive system:
Fleur De sel is high quality non-iodized sea salt and therefore is suggested for saltwater flush such as 'SHANKHA PRAKSHALANA'. 
This complete cleansing of the Intestines purifies the blood, detoxifies the body and helps to develop good digestion. It eliminates allergies and skin diseases. Further, it is helpful for springtime lethargy and has a balancing effect upon the mind.

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PLS NOTE - deep cleansing should be practiced under the guidance of an expert. Therefore we have come together with SelfExperienceYoga for a safe, guided journey.
Nature has it all arranged..
Why not extract it directly making a healthy usage for both us humans and nature it self; no waste, no harm.
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