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And so a woman's voice became a whine, a complaint, an inconsequential uttering. Banal, ordinary and irritating.

It no longer held the meaning of Woman, Fairy, Witch, Wizardess, Creatress, EarthSister.

Her roundness became her liability.

She forced herself to become waif like, too empty to house her own wisdom. Her girth became ugliness. Mirrors became her nemesis and she would go to any length to become one of the Perfect, relinquishing her Divine Perfection.

She lost herself. In the media The diets

The fashion The cosmetics The hair dye The high heels

She forgot her connection to the Earth, forgetting that she was the extension of the Earth Mother. How could she mother her children like this?

And so there appeared generations of Empty Children.

Children endlessly seeking a way to Fill Up, never knowing the fullness of being contained, enveloped by the Mother.

Feminine became weak. Mother became secondary. Earth became low. Ground became dirt.

And so these generations were born into deep lack, never knowing Themselves.

They worshiped Self, thinking that greed and hardship and Me Me Me was the path to Survival.

And their houses wreaked with the rot of the Things that would never fulfil them.

And the Mother put out a call to the Hearts of those who were unknowingly waiting for her to call upon them.

And suddenly they felt the bottomless pit of the Nothing that they had created and could no longer tolerate.

They longed for Mother and could Feel Her call.

They were tired of Thinking and wished to Feel once more.

And the Feeling came.

It was painful and deep and all encompassing.

And Mother came and embraced them and they allowed themselves to Rest.

And she took them to her healing Temples where her Healers of Love and Light awaited the People.

And they were all touched by Love.

And Love Taught them frailty and sensitivity.

She taught them their interconnectedness and they took response-ability.

And they were illuminated by Light. And Light Re-Minded them of their own Light Vessels and why they had come to the Planet. And they joined the ranks of those who cared deeply but had not had a voice to express. And their togetherness was a Balm and Solace and they knew that they could help Mother. And they became willing to make a Home within and with one another.

They were the Rainbow Warriors of Light and their Hearts were their tools.

They re-membered themselves, slowly, carefully.

They re-membered Care and Love and Mutuality and were healed.

And Mother Earth embraced them and Loved them beyond what they had ever known. And She flourished and rejoiced and the cycle of Life was restored.

And so it is that the Rainbow Warriors have Awakened, finally Knowing their Hearts and Mission. And their mission is Love.

Received by: Rhonda Joy Eagle, October 8, 2015

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Undina was originally created in the name of my deep love and connection to the water element, of any kind.

Of course the oceans, better saying the sea’s, are my favorite of all. Half a lady half a fish i feel from time to time. This is the part of me that i call Undina - a water nymph, a mermaid.

I LOVE showers and bath tubs, indoors and even more outdoors.. I love to find a good spring on my ways providing clean mineral water directly from the source. I like even regular tap water, running through my arms and calves in hot summer times. (This actually calms down the nervous system and rejuvenates you to keep up freshly with your day). I love waterfalls and I mainly like to watch rivers and lakes, or maybe travel them by a Kanu or a boat..

Im addicted to drinking water Now already in recover :) :) :) I mean really, drinking water is a holy thing, imagine we are water, and if diving into the molecular consistency it is literally pure information flowing in, through and out of us. So I bless my water. I believe water molecules form within 40-45 min into a new order, and if you wisely choose to spell your intention into it - well there you get a cup of good holy water - designed especially for you. Down to earth, i let my water ‘sit’ in a nice glass bottle / jar / flask before I drink it - just like our grandmothers used to do (at least in my culture). Or if you have ever heard about one of Ho’oponopono’s cleansing techniques - The Blue Water Bottle; then you might just try: - Find a blue glass bottle and fill it with tap water.

- Place it in the sun.

- Put your intention. Drink it.

In case of sickness, illness, injury - drink the whole bottle and get back to basics.

So water. Yeah, it ,makes me feel belonged. It makes me feel alive, indulged with life. Especially swimming in the open seas, naked as a child. just me and a pair of swimming glasses so I can see good, and a heat keeping hat in case its getting cold. I love the world underneath the water, so clear, so clean.. the shades underneath the sunlight beam. I used to swim in a pool, back and forth back and forth. I developed a nice style over time. There is a special beauty to feeling the living waters in a totally free style mode. Half a whale half a dolphin, some twists and spins, much much breathing, redemption for longer times.. and the views, wow, the visuals under water, in motion - are taking me to a different dimension. Ive never met a better high.

If you are lucky to have lots of fishes around - and lets hope you do, as all this happiness is accessible in clean waters only. Fishes are such creatures, i call them dancers in the air, I also feel like this at times, waters give the possibility to fly….

Water supports us just as the ground, as long as we keep interacting with it and moving around. Water by definition brings flow into my life, makes me more flexible, fluid, soft and silky like.. PHOTOS by THE MAN

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The strive for never resting growth has come in the form of the natural way of being.

We have too much that is available for us at hand and yet ironically we lose the ability to show gratitude and love for any of it.

Money and ignorance has led us to a non sustainable way of living, constantly draining natural resources and ruining this blessed precious land, while we ourselves suffer from it through the magical circulating connectivity of all living forms - nature within human, human within nature.

Drone Photo by Uri Magnus Dotan / Greece and the Islands

The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries there is along with oil and agriculture and the environmental damage is increasing as the industry grows.

Let's bring to our awareness the main problems so we can understand how can we impact towards a change;

1. Water pollution

In most garments productions, untreated toxic waste from textiles are dumped directly into the living waters.

Wastewater contains toxic substances extremely harmful to aquatic life and the health of millions of people living by those water sources especially while the contamination also reaches the sea and eventually spreads around the globe.

** What can we do about it?

** Choose organic fibers and natural fibers that do not require chemicals to be produced.

2. Major water consumption

Huge quantity of fresh water is used for the dyeing and finishing process for all of our clothes. Stephen Leahy from The Guardian says "85% of the daily needs in water of the entire population of India would be covered by the water used to grow cotton in the country. 100 million people in India do not have access to drinking water."

** What can we do about it?

** Choose fibers with low water consumption such as linen, recycled fibers, etc.

3. Microfibers pollution

Every time we wash a synthetic garment (polyester, nylon, etc), about 700.000 individual microfibers are released into the water, making their way into our oceans. Scientists have discovered that small aquatic organisms ingest those microfibers. These are then eaten by small fish which are later eaten by bigger fish, introducing plastic in our food chain.

Wearing synthetic fibers releases plastic microfibers to the air as well.

**What can we do about it?

**Choose natural or semi-synthetic fibers

**Wash clothes only when you need to

**Wash clothes at a lower temperature (30ºC)

4. Waste problem

Clothing has clearly become disposable. As a result, we generate more and more textile waste. A family in the western world throws away an average of 30 kg of clothing each year. Only 15% is recycled or donated, and the rest goes directly to the landfill or is incinerated.

Synthetic fibers, such as polyester, are plastic fibers, therefore non-biodegradable and can take up to 200 years to decompose. Synthetic fibers are used in 72% of our clothing.

** What can we do about it?

** Choose natural or semi-synthetic fibers

** Buy less, buy better quality and recycle

There are many other negative consequences in the fashion industry such as Chemical release, Greenhouse gases emissions, Soils degradation, Rainforest destruction - and these above all have to do just with fashion's environmental impacts. There are of course the aspects of Inhumane working conditions, highlighting the general fact that there are more people in slavery today than at any point in history. The conditions of many factories are unacceptable – drastic, transparent change needs to be fought for to help those in exploitation across entire supply chains.

Rainbow angel Adriano Jauvel - by Moral Attar

- Fashion Revolution - focuses on the four main areas of consumption, composition, conditions and collective action, essentially to help the fashion industry become more ethical and sustainable.

It aims to shift consumers’ ideas of consumption and to question their own purchasing habits in order to protect natural resources. It calls for a focus on clothing’s composition – for consumers to question what their clothes are made of and to support innovative, low-impact materials over non-renewable resources.

It emphasises the importance of collective action; when individuals work together, there’s a better chance at systematic change.

Man now more than ever needs to be taught new ideas.

Listening more to wise younger ones will help us to get better.

By practicing gratitude and constant cleansing of the old and its memories together with spreading out knowledge we will slowly rebuild the world.

We just need to shine brighter on those who need light to be shed over their shadows and trust that the power of love, understanding, compassion and gratitude will spread to all beings on the planet including the planet itself!

Photo by Moral Attar

The motion towards a wiser way of being is rooted deep in the heart of sustainability and its first marks are starting to show across all industries and are definitely the day of our tomorrow.

A new generation of mankind is moving further away from the old one. Seeing reality closer with truth, learning the current situation of our existence, spreading knowledge of a new way of being while constantly evolving creatively and sustainably.

We are the generation whose focus is to replace the old ways with new ways that will gradually allow nature itself including the human race to heal itself from past harming experiences.

Photo by Moral Attar

Remembering that we humans have been gifted with the highest biological ability to transcend, passing more light than any other living cell, might help with evoking that self responsible call to action - which always starts with a thought..

For a greener world, for a brighter mind and a wider opened heart.

How do we impact and express our own awakening?

Undina Natural Being is a concept, constantly learning through self-journey the self-change that needs to be taken, willing to spread and inspire others to take part.

  • Slow movement & Slow Fashion: the way we maneuver along our day is the way our production processes are being made. Focusing on the process itself, the intention within it not the outcome only.

  • Inspire others through Inspiration itself: we believe in creating out of zero - out of void - out of that clear channeling. The connection to the natural process comes from there, and this is the primary Mission leading our way - to expand this essential movement through our activity.

Why the Fashion Industry?

All hands and processes involved are taking a big part of man's life.

Wear by definition is always essential.

Fashion by definition is an artistic expression that has no limits.

This Industry must show a drastic change.

We ourselves learn the change as we grow towards it..

Up until now we are solving just small parts of the problems by using mainly linen fabric which is one of the most biodegradable fabrics.

We Up-Cycle and Reuse parts of our designs. Primarily the intention was to involve vintage elements and awaken our designs with the spirit and touch of our ancestors.

We support unemployed women from developing countries, collaborate with professional small producers, hand crafters who love what they do.

We already know our next steps of growth and evolution:

* Apply more Up-Cycling methods

* Replace our cotton designs with organic cotton.

* Raise donations of fabrics / products that can be processed into new products.

* Adopt Transparency into our business ethics.

* Made by order - our dream is to have each of our design made especially for your wish. made for each and one of our clients whom we love to have as friends.

Photo by Adar Wolff for Avigail Braidman Swimwear

The profit is not the main motive!

We aim to connect with like minded people and experience the human part, get to know each other in the process of making. We respect and love - imagining, planning, adjusting to one's comfortability needs and eventually wearing a high meaningful piece of clothing - feeling memories of creation each time you take it out from your closet, sensing the intention infused in it by both.

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Undina; Originated in Latin.

Undina means ״from the waves״.

In European folklore;

Undina is a water spirit or a sea nymph that

lives at sea and owns its treasures.

Content on site is a kind, loving, friendly gesture of collaborative spirit by various friends who are colleagues and artists. Read more 

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