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Unity & Peace

A gate to one self knowledge, a path towards realization of the divinity within all.
A constant practice of awareness, cultivation of body intelligence & day to day embodiment.

Magical tool to uplift / sooth energy levels, moods and most importantly mindsets.
Self empowerment, out from depression and into pure joy.

Integrating Sound Healing, Hoo'ponopono Mantra, Access Consciousness Techniques.
Lately trained specifically focused on a supportive and restorative practice of self healing.

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We start with the bo
dy surface to reach the depth of our soul.

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The Great Healer

Soul is a Spirit. Nature speaks its language;

with the power of its smells, sounds, visuals and motions.

We are designed to be a part of this ungraspable magical universe.

We are owed to feel belonged.

Obeyed to deep interconnection, we are all from birth.


Death is the most common to happen, and it is scary to think of only for those who have left off their magic behind.

Naturally we are all loved and abundant.

Listen to earth, watch for the stars, respect the natural flow of all that is being. 

The Answer is You

read some of my thoughts..

Yoga is the ultimate practice of love

Life is a one time experience where we learn to be - as god designed us to be.
Getting back to who we have always been takes one on a courageous, in depth revealing journey.
Love, compassion, ease, freedom of choice, peace of mind, respectful & allowing communication and general sweetness is offered to each one of us who is willing to set him/her self free..

Free from superficiality. Unchained from capitalistic ideals. Victorious in your own skin.

Connected with all through your heart & spirit.  

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