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Undina Style Events - December 2020

2020 has been a challenging year for us all. We plan to lock this challenging year with a month full of light, gatherings, style, sensations, tastes & joy for Love & Positivity to overcome negativity and fear, as we prepare ourselves for the upcoming year!

We have planned for you an incredible program for December - opening the second series of - VIP Sense & Wear Cocktail Party-

Held in an atmospheric and cozy penthouse, in the heart of Northern Jaffa, we gather for an evening of delicious food made by Chef Roman Frolov together with a light cocktail or a glass of wine..

We start a degustation of niche perfumery by Yana Shtilman and her brand - Sensual Unique Perfumes. Yana is a true storyteller, those who have already visited us - will definitely agree!! As the degustation holds place, we hear wonder stories from the perfumery world. Why and how specific blends have been made, which exact aromas hold the body of the smell and many other details which are pretty exciting to reveal..

Undina Wear presents AW20 Collection for the changing seasons and the colder days and offer SS20 items for special sale prices!!

Don't worry we still have place for the upcoming dates;

3/12 Thursday 18:30 9/12 Wednesday 18:30 17/12 Thursday 18:30 Participation fee 150 NIS Seats are limited ❗️❗️❗️ Seat reservation is required Call / Whatsapp Anastasia +972 50-568-8856

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