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Undina Awakening 

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

The new decade is bringing potential that was growing for 3 years to blossom. It all started with the love my mom has for handcrafting and vintage details. 3 years ago, she created the first handmade tank top, using a clear white linen top, handley attaching a big starry crochet patch on the front, giving it the vintage and more personalized look. You can find the Undina Wear collection in our shop.

Photo taken by the talented Adi Tarkay At that time I was far from thinking of my own Brand, in reality. I always had the dream to do my own thing, my own creation, my own firm or my own invention. But I could not imagine at all - in what form, in what way, in which direction and under which values. I was still in the process of finishing my higher education, lasting for a long 5 years period. As a Law and Business student, starting the university experience a bit too early, knowing very little about life, my own desires and characteristics, or just not mature enough to realize them yet, I had no clue where life will turn me around. Traveling has always been a big love we shared with my mother, but there came a point I had to send myself towards a solo traveling somewhere. A journey where I could totally feel and surrender to who I truly am. I thought about Thailand and of course I thought about India, but eventually I decided to go somewhere closer to achieve the full relaxation and freedom - knowing both my parents are a bit calmer for me traveling somewhere close rather than far. There began my love affair with the beautiful greek land and her surrounding seas, sizzling warm culture, picturesque views, delicious food, open hearted people, lyrical language and the rural lifestyle quality. For some years, every vacation or time off was another opportunity to explore a new corner in Greece. As my studies came to an end, followed by a short period of time working as an intern in a law office - reality has hit me, and I could no longer avoid the sounds of my soul communicating throughout my body, telling me - 'you are going in the wrong direction'. I didn't know what was the right one, and it quickly showed that none of my relatives or friends knew either, what is the right direction for me. I found myself frozen against the wall, and I knew I was the only one to know better for myself. It was time for me to be true to my inner voice and intuition - a journey ever lasting for many years to come. 3 years later since that first tank top, as I was spending the summer of 2019 working on the greek Island, Crete - as a host of Kritamos Holiday, traditional hospitality property, the activity around Undina gave its first steps. Some locals have invited me to join an Artisan style collection of natural sea salt by the shores. I was far from knowing that soon this activity will bring me to take the responsibility and state my voice with my own Boutique Brand - Undina Fleur de Sel. The idea started to shape quickly after falling in love with the crystal-like substance known in the culinary world as - fleur de sel or flower of salt. Wonderful sparkling white salt flakes caught my attention and soon I was sure that I have to share this amazing taste and texture with my friends and relatives in my next trip to my hometown - TLV city. And so it was, instead of buying some local cheese, olive oil and honey as souvenirs and gifts I decided to bring a collection of my own - small amount of Natural Handpicked Fleur de sel with handpicked wild sage and oregano growing in the area of the village kefali - south east Crete. My small natural package was happily accepted and all were waiting for the next pack to come, stating that especially the salt is a great culinary treat. My mom raised the glove and said she supports me on that idea, and the enthusiasm was on!

Day by day we came closer to the personality of our new born creation - Undina the nymph. Undina is a water nymph owning and caring for the treasures of the sea. She is a divine soul, coming to earth to serve mother nature and humankind - striving to bring them back to unity. As a human being, I approach the creation of Undina with personal attachment, motivation and satisfaction. I believe that our day-by-day activity and the thought-feeling process regarding our activities, design our life experience. I am driven to keep on expanding the awakening of undina within me - caring more for human beings and for the nature that has been given for us to enjoy it, care for it, nourish it - so that it can keep on giving us the small gifts of life.

This is the very beginning, of Undina's wonders through the journey of life.

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