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Return of The Great Mother - The calling of The Rainbow Warriors

And so a woman's voice became a whine, a complaint, an inconsequential uttering. Banal, ordinary and irritating.

It no longer held the meaning of Woman, Fairy, Witch, Wizardess, Creatress, EarthSister.

Her roundness became her liability.

She forced herself to become waif like, too empty to house her own wisdom. Her girth became ugliness. Mirrors became her nemesis and she would go to any length to become one of the Perfect, relinquishing her Divine Perfection.

She lost herself. In the media The diets

The fashion The cosmetics The hair dye The high heels

She forgot her connection to the Earth, forgetting that she was the extension of the Earth Mother. How could she mother her children like this?

And so there appeared generations of Empty Children.

Children endlessly seeking a way to Fill Up, never knowing the fullness of being contained, enveloped by the Mother.

Feminine became weak. Mother became secondary. Earth became low. Ground became dirt.

And so these generations were born into deep lack, never knowing Themselves.

They worshiped Self, thinking that greed and hardship and Me Me Me was the path to Survival.

And their houses wreaked with the rot of the Things that would never fulfil them.

And the Mother put out a call to the Hearts of those who were unknowingly waiting for her to call upon them.

And suddenly they felt the bottomless pit of the Nothing that they had created and could no longer tolerate.

They longed for Mother and could Feel Her call.

They were tired of Thinking and wished to Feel once more.

And the Feeling came.

It was painful and deep and all encompassing.

And Mother came and embraced them and they allowed themselves to Rest.

And she took them to her healing Temples where her Healers of Love and Light awaited the People.

And they were all touched by Love.

And Love Taught them frailty and sensitivity.

She taught them their interconnectedness and they took response-ability.

And they were illuminated by Light. And Light Re-Minded them of their own Light Vessels and why they had come to the Planet. And they joined the ranks of those who cared deeply but had not had a voice to express. And their togetherness was a Balm and Solace and they knew that they could help Mother. And they became willing to make a Home within and with one another.

They were the Rainbow Warriors of Light and their Hearts were their tools.

They re-membered themselves, slowly, carefully.

They re-membered Care and Love and Mutuality and were healed.

And Mother Earth embraced them and Loved them beyond what they had ever known. And She flourished and rejoiced and the cycle of Life was restored.

And so it is that the Rainbow Warriors have Awakened, finally Knowing their Hearts and Mission. And their mission is Love.

Received by: Rhonda Joy Eagle, October 8, 2015

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