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Sea & Sun Handmade Set by Vassiliki

Sea & Sun Handmade Set by Vassiliki


Are you a butterfly just like me? 
Then this special outfit is for you!

Slowly knitted over the winter season by a Cretan woman named Vassliki from the Village Stavros at Crete Island. 
Absorbed with the magical energy of this place, the eased lifestyle and a true freedom mindset.

Consciousness of Liberty
Fashion is the last external layer to speak our truth

100% Cotton 
Fits S-M
1. Open belly Top
2. Matching Underwear fitting 26-27 / S (Pants size)
3. Skirt - with adjustable tie on both sides.

By purchasing this item you support - artisan craft, slow made, ecological & sustainable product, no waste, mindful making, made by women, made in peace. 

Under Transparency Value:
Cost of High Quality Cotton threads - approx. 60 Euro
Cost of Labor of Vassiliki - over 10 Hours of work, to say the least. (Average salary per hour in Greece stands 3.5-7 Euros). I estimate this gentle work for 6 E per Hour just to keep the balance as i do aim for a beneficial value for money / craft for both sides!

For this item i wont be taking any personal fee!
This is the time to share our strengths and put efforts together!

Lets support each other!

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