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Welcome to our Online Shop

We invite you to have a taste of our story; a journey between two generations inspired by nature.

Creating harmony through minimal folk art in our everyday living, loving & wearing.

Isabel & Anastasia

Mother & Daughter

Educate the self with the knowledge of Simple Health and True Wealth

Our purpose is to invest ourselves in a positive activity towards all. We grow from the passion for natural products for their health benefits. We act for the sake of sufficient green living education. Giving love to the world through handcrafting brought birth to Undina.

Our own production of Fleur de sel - flower of salt, stands for using the gifts of wild virgin nature.

We are aiming to create an ecological and stylish product, using eco materials under a non waste principle.

Our team is set to bring two worlds together - human beings and nature.


Maintain healthy nutrition, embodied movement, avoid toxic thinking patterns or negativity and stay connected to the natural cycle of life.


Our production of natural wear connecting a modern-ecological, minimal approach with the love we share for traditions, old, simple and slowed down times with a vintage romantic aroma.


Every piece of wear is handworked and carefully made for each one of you.. 

Bringing humans together, into simple yet intelligent communication - kind and open hearted. We strive for united society. Within our close circle we create and live the world we want to experience.

Our content is partly being donated as a loving gesture, pure intention to come together, support and exchange knowledge, energy and inspiration. 
We are grateful for each and every special one on our way; each one his own kind of an artist,

blossoming for his own joy..

Adi Tarkay -

Sasha Prilutsky -

Liya Geldman -

Alina Voroniuk -
Alina Pavlinina -

Nir Hadar -
Moral Attar -


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