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28-30 June 2024
Writing and Yoga Retreat

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Fall in love with your story, your body and soul

Hosts and Facilitators - Who we are

Sarah Gelb

Im a writer, I lead writing workshops in Israel and abroad that also combine nature and movement. I Accompany emotional processes and believe in the healing and liberating power of writing - which allows us to find a personal voice and a place in the world.  The ability to see our life as a story and write it It's a gift.

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Anastasia Goltsev

I first met the path of yoga at the age of 14, since then the journey of self discovery is going on and the road is always ahead of me. I have practiced different branches of traditional yoga (vinyasa, ashtanga, yin, Ayengar). Since 5 years, i am teaching an integrated style that developed based on studies, personal experience, research and in-depth practice.
Yoga is for everyone, without exception.
Yoga is not the asana we see.
Yoga includes all life aspects.
We practice to connect with all our layers, let the emotions be, allow the mind to quiet, learn to channel energy in our body - that just wants to pass.
I live in Greece for years, in a natural and quiet environment. I am waiting to host you in my home.

Why Writing?

Writing is a wonderful way to listen to yourself, discover, open, release. To take internal parts - including fears and pains and ventilate them in the sun, in the light..
Writing will allow us to ground ourselves, to accept, to forgive and above all to find an inner voice that will direct us back home - to ourselves. We will learn to play with words, with joy and with sadness. In the workshop we will look at the world as writers, find inspiration inside and outside, dissolve fears and surrender to creativity. Through the words we will discover our story, be strengthened and find inner peace.

Why Yoga & Meditation?

Our body feels everything and it knows the truth.
Our body is smart, and it has all the answers without using words. The external world, our jobs, duties, interactions, relations and daily activities, are taking over our inner connection - as it is all a question of the amount of time, focus & energy you give. Then slowly, as any unattained aspect, our bodies start to store tensions, which then become health issues.. our whole life quality decreases significantly, our mental health suffers, our mood drops and we become less radiant and happy.
Come to receive the supporting circumstances to allow the body to open up, give the body the honor of leading us through our emotions into peace and stability. Through the body we can always anchor. The meditation will give peace to the mind that is busy with the past and the future, with worries and possible scenarios. 
Movement and meditation open up unfamiliar paths. As the lungs expand and the head rests, our perspective also increases. This flow is essential for both breathing and writing. It makes the heart beat and enables clarity along with joy and inner freedom.

Why Evia - Greece?

To be outside, in the air, free, connected to nature, the sea, the land. Evia island is a virgin stimulating place, full of colors and textures. We will be inspired by everything around us. Calmness and disconnection from the daily hassles. Listen to our deep voices and give them attention. To simply be together under the sun and the moon.

We will be hosted to the views of the peaceful bay of North Evia, on a beautiful sandy beach strip - the hotel is right in front of the sea. Next to the hotel is an open space for practice, on one side  green mountain views and on the other side the sound of the sea. (You might get lucky and get to see the dolphins who come to visit from time to time).

Walking distance from a tavern (restaurant), beach bar, cafe - which you can visit in your free time.

What are we going to do -  

June 28

We will meet on Friday at 4:00 p.m. and finish on Sunday at 3:00 p.m. (There will be round trip transportation from the ferry port to the hotel and back).
** You will get all the info for an easy arrival with a public bus / private car,  all the way to the ferry port where we will meet you :)
Introductions, rooms settling, fruits and cake
Creative and playful writing session that will allow us to release barriers, bring up memories and discover hidden stories.

Sunset Yoga Session - which begins with a conscious tapping technique for emotional release.
Festive & Happy dinner in a nearby tavern and a light and stimulating evening activity

Good night sleep

June 29

Warm drinks and a light snack
Morning Yoga - open the channels of energy flow in the body, breathe into all the places that ask for new air, exhale everything that does not serve our highest good.
The practice is dynamic, adapted to all levels (I will give several options for transitions / poses).
Rich and delicious breakfast
Trip to the Hot springs and a visit to Loutra Edipsos - connect with the four elements - air, earth, fire and water - through body, words and nature.
Shower time in the hotel

17:00 Writing Session - this time we will learn how to write characters and relationships - and how you can mix reality with imagination.
meditation session,
Joyful dinner with wine and activity.

Good night sleep

June 30

Warm drinks and a light snack

Morning Yoga
Intuitive writing

Rich and delicious breakfast
A swim at the sea that will inspire us for free writing..
Writing exercise that will surprise you and show you how much you have deepened
Guided imagination and a summary conversation
Hugs & goodbyes. 

You will be fetched with our Minibus back to the ferry port according to the bus schedule towards afternoon.

What is included

2 Indulgent and rich meals a day

Fruits and snacks along the day

Transportation within the island

4 sessions of writing

4 sessions of yoga/meditation

A session of guided imagination

A session of meditative walking

Practical tools for a healthy routine of the body and mind - which can be easily applied at home.

A walk in nature, swimming in the sea and great peace.

2 nights in a brand new Boutique Suits Hotel -
2 people in a room (Double bed + 1 Adult Sofa)
*A separate room is possible for an additional fee.

An intimate group of up to 12 people

What you get for life..

Beyond the pleasure and fun of the workshop, you will leave with practical tools that you can easily incorporate into your everyday life:
- How and when to use writing as a grounding and liberating tool
- Basics of writing techniques
- Basics of yoga
- Yoga session that you can incorporate into your daily routine
- Tools for practicing meditation while breathing correctly
- Touches from the world of mindfulness
- Connection to internal and external inspiration
- Courage to do, to experiment, to be exposed

And of course a vacation full of peace and nature, with connection to body and heart and meeting new and special people :) 

Who is it for?

For everyone! No previous experience is necessary - just a desire to feel, move, release, enjoy, heal and be together.

Modern life is busy and stressful. We deserve to listen to a body that wants to move, to a heart that longs to open, to words, thoughts and feelings that want to come out, without fear and shame. To be together simply and happily, close to Mother Earth.
The workshop is suitable for anyone who is curious, who wants to discover and experience.
For those who want to land and fly at the same time. To put down deep roots so that we can realize high dreams.

Looking forwards to be meeting you
With Love
Anastasia and Sara

Enrollment Fee - 380 Euros per person in a double room
Contact us for a special offer in case you are a single who wants a private room


(until 21st June) / 1+1

 350 Euros

per person in a double room

Cancellation Policy

Until 5 days before the event - no cancelation fee

5 days before the departure date as well as non-arrival - 100 Euro.

We'd love to hear from you..

Just leave us a message!

Thanks for submitting!

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