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How can we cheer ourselves up these days...?

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

Written by a woman, a colleague, a friend - Yana Shtilman


How can you cheer yourself up these days?

"It's easy, especially when you and the company of your favorite girls go to try out comfortable clothes, and you can also take a photo on the roof of the penthouse, overlooking the most beautiful of ancient cities - Jaffa and the blue sea.

As we were sipping dry white wine, we were trying out, changing and exchanging between us Undina's Wear SS20 Collection. I would like to share with other girls, such an opportunity to spend an unforgettable early afternoon in good company and really a magical environment.

I'll tell you a little bit about the concept of the clothing brand Undina wear.

The mark is based on concern for human health and contact with nature, awareness for the unity of all creatures in this world.

Each item is detailed with a vintage handwoven crochet element the designers cut from old curtains and maps they collect at different flea markets. Crochet is the technique that is characterized by weightless texture due to a lot of loops, from which there are various patterns.

The simplicity of lines and weightlessness of linen fabrics is just perfect in Israel's heat, or any other mediterranean or tropical climate, and it looks fashionable and elegant for any event, even weddings and informal brides, who prefer simplicity and ease."

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